The development of home appliance control panels in the past two years is also a leaps and bounds.
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With the development of the Internet of Things, home appliance control panels are also combined with IoT technology. The Family Control Committee here refers not only to households but also to many commercial control panels.

There are mainly the following categories: home appliance IoT controller, smart home control system rfid wireless curtain control wild boar. Cabinet heating and cooling air conditioning control panel, electric water heater control panel, household hood control panel, washing machine control panel, humidifier control panel, dishwasher control panel. Aluminum plate, commercial soymilk control panel, ceramic furnace control panel, automatic access control panel, electronic control lock control panel, intelligent access control system, etc.

It is understood that at present, the segmentation of the control panel industry is still unclear. Can be divided into large appliance control panels, such as washing machine control panels, air conditioning control panels. Fuel injector control panel, hood control panel, small household appliance control panel, such as soymilk control panel, induction cooker control panel, dishwasher control panel, pressure control panel, etc. Most manufacturers, such as cookware control panels, have extensively processed small appliance control panels to produce a variety of small appliance control panels. This production mode is n. Not conducive to differentiated competition between enterprises.

However, with the continuous advancement of technology and the deepening of economic globalization, some powerful control panel manufacturers have also introduced some advanced technologies and production. concept. For example, in the production of gold core electronic products, the automatic phase locking technology of Germany and the automatic tracking technology of working frequency are adopted.

It has IGBT soft start, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, protection through protection, surge current protection, surge voltage protection, etc. Voltage overvoltage protection, induction coil turn-to-turn short circuit protection and response time less than 0.2US, greatly improving control Board quality and service life. In general, the intelligent controller industry is a typical skill- and technology-intensive industry, and technological innovation capability and design capability are the key to competition among enterprises. However, it is worth noting through UNDE that if we rely solely on technology and design capabilities, some small and medium-sized intelligent controller companies will not be the "iron rice bowl" for which they depend. . Instead, they lower prices and reduce costs. Walking has become the survival choice for many small and medium-sized home appliance control panel manufacturers.

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