What safety precautions should you pay attention to when using the control panel?
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I believe everyone knows that the control panel is commonly used in daily life, generally including panels, main control boards and drive boards; and with the development of technology in recent years, the use of control boards has become more and more extensive, To the manufacturer's automated production equipment, as small as children's toy remote control car; then when using the control panel, what security matters should be paid attention to?

Control panel

1. Eliminate static electricity on your body before touching these controls with your hands (turn off the power to the controller, touch a grounded metal object, and keep ground when touching the controller).

2. Do not touch the components or conductors on the printed circuit board with your hands or conductors, and do not connect the power input to the high-frequency output terminals.

3. There should be no plastic, vinyl and polystyrene foam around the printed circuit board (except antistatic type).

4. Do not touch the IC circuit of the control interface board or control board. Static electricity may damage these circuits.

5. When the control panel is connected to the main power supply, it is dangerous to be charged. Therefore, do not open the control panel or the casing when power is on.

6. The electrolytic capacitor of the control board is charged, so after the power is turned off, the internal operation is performed after the discharge of the capacitor is completed.

7. There may be dangerous external voltage on the relay output of the control interface board or sampling board.

The above is the safe use of the control panel. Now everyone understands? Since the control panel is the core of the electrical appliance, the control panel is required to complete the distribution work, so judging whether the electrical appliance is good or bad mainly depends on whether the design of the control panel is reasonable.

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