Founded in 2005, Foshan Shunde Kaixiang Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, production of various small household appliances control panels, chargers, electronic transformers, wireless remote control high-tech enterprises, the company's research and development capabilities, service concept new, from the company At the beginning of the establishment, we have formulated a differentiated strategic policy, and we will provide our customers with the highest quality and best price electronic intelligent control solutions as their highest pursuit, and use advanced management concepts, stable product quality, and mutual benefit. Based on win-win, the company achieves the goal of sustainable operation. After years of rapid and steady development, it has strong design and development capabilities and manufacturing supporting capabilities.

        The company's main products are: electric oven, bread machine, toaster control series; rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker, convection oven, slow cooker control series; coffee pot, tea stove control series; electric fan control, remote control series; heater Control series; range hood, disinfection cabinet control series; electric water heater control series; humidifier control series; aquarium supplies control series; garage door / anti-theft device control, remote control (wireless remote control) series; air freshener, juice machine, vacuum cleaner control Series; beer machine, wine cabinet, refrigerator control series; beauty salon control series; medical equipment control series; electric toy control, remote control (wireless remote control) series, switching power supply board and electronic transformer series, in addition, our company can also press The customer's technical functions require the design and development of various intelligent control and remote control products. The products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the "UL", "CE" and "GS" standards, and meet the EU ROHS, REACH requirements.

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  • Corporate vision

    Corporate vision

    Based on high quality products,
    Committed to building one of the most competitive companies.
  • Corporate purposes

    Corporate purposes

    Create benefits for shareholders, create value for customers,Create opportunities for employees, create health for society
  • Enterprise spirit

    Enterprise spirit

    Simple and efficient
  • Core value

    Core value

    Integrity management,
    customer first
    Unity and cooperation

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Company Name:Foshan Shunde Kaixiang Electric Co., Ltd. Contact number:0757-22908763/66/68 E-mail:kaixiangdq@163.com Company address:No. 11, Fu'an Industrial Avenue, Leliu, Shunde District, Foshan City

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